Columbus 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Bootcamp

Price $97.00
Published 28-06-11


Location: Home Location
Columbus, GA, USA


Quick start, Introductory 3 weeks of metabolic total body conditioning, nutrition handout and coaching and targeted fat loss cardio program. Classes run M-W-F from 6am-7am at my Columbus studio located at 2501 Old Whittlesey Road, Suite E, Columbus, GA 31909. High average for fat loss with this program is 7.5% - 12.1% bodyfat loss in 4 weeks. Program is ongoing and you can choose to enroll in the standard program at the completion of your introductory program. Standard rates apply upon completion of the 3 week program. Offer is for new clients only. View more infor on my website at <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> price is 97.00. Limited time offer. Enroll now!<br>[youtube=]


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