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&lt;a http://www.bdsindia.com/repairs_corr_mitigation.aspx"&gt;Corrosion&lt;/a&gt; is the deterioration of materials by chemical interaction with their environment. generally refers to metals.The consequences of corrosion are many and varied and the effects of these on the safe, reliable and efficient operation of equipment . Selecting the appropriate level of corrosion protection is based on many factors such as the level of chloride contamination and carbonation, amount of concrete damage, location of corrosion activity (localized or widespread), the cost and design life of the corrosion protection system, and the expected service life of the structure.&lt;a http://www.bdsindia.com"&gt;BDS&lt;/a&gt; offers advanced – yet cost effective – &lt;a http://www.bdsindia.com/repairs_corr_mitigation.aspx"&gt;corrosion mitigation&lt;/a&gt; systems from &lt;a http://www.bdsindia.com/repairs_corr_mitigation.aspx"&gt;Vector Corrosion&lt;/a&gt; Technologies Inc, USA (Vector)<br>


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