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<P><BR>Importer directly from India ,<SPAN id=IL_AD6 class=IL_AD>selling</SPAN> crystal and copper wands for therapy.</P>
<P>Wands with crystal ball or merkaba star and crystal point in 6 facets,body in 6 facets ,made of :rock crystal,aventurine,moonstone,lapis,ruby in fuchsite,<SPAN id=IL_AD1 class=IL_AD>rose quartz</SPAN>.. Length : 18-22 cm. Available with 7 <SPAN id=IL_AD2 class=IL_AD>chakras</SPAN> on wands or without.</P>
<P><STRONG>Prices</STRONG>: wands with crystal <STRONG>merkaba star,point in 6 facets of crystal</STRONG> and body in 6 facets made of (smoky,clera <SPAN id=IL_AD7 class=IL_AD>quartz</SPAN>,labradorite,rainbow moonstone): 35 euro per piece ;</P>
<P>with <STRONG>crystal ball,point in 6 facets of crystall</STRONG> and body in 6 facets with cabs for the 7 chakras,made of(crystal,amethyst,aventurine cream moonstone,ruby in fuchsite): 25 euro per piece.</P>
<P>Wands body of<STRONG> copper</STRONG>,at one end crystal ball at base with garnets the other end crystal point in 6 facets, at base with garnets ,20-22 cm length,price: 10 euro per piece</P>
<P>Minimum order quantity : 1 wand</P>
<P><STRONG>10% discount for purchases of 3 wands from each type( with crystal ball,with merkaba star,copper and crystal wand )</STRONG></P>
<P>All prices <STRONG>are FOB Bucharest</STRONG>.Buyer pays freight cost and any tax in the country of <SPAN id=IL_AD4 class=IL_AD>destination</SPAN>.Delivery all Europe, I issue european invoice.</P>
<P>Any query feel free to ask.</P>


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