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CYCLE WORLD, October 1998,cover missing, BMW C1, Urban Beemer scooter, Ancient Italy, New Ducati, The Alps by 900SS,900ss by the numbers, what'll she do? Yamaha650cc twin AR streetracker,slip slidin on the street, XR street tracker, Accept no substitute, Old number one, when torsten hallmans Husqvarna reigned, 1999 BMW R1100S, A boxer built for the backroads, Husqvarna TE610, Husky shows its softer side, AGAIN This Magazine has NO COVERor back cover.Master piece motorcycles at Guggenheim museum,page 59/60&61/62 loose

from binding but there, AGAIN This Magazine has NO COVER AND NO BACK COVER,118 pages, all there

except for Front and back COVER. $5.


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