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A good daycare center is what all you need to look after while you are choosing any daycare centre for your newly born child. The other points that are taken into an account are that qualified child specialists are being employed by the daycare center. <br><br>Located in Coquitlam region of British Columbia, Bramblewood Montessori Preschool &amp; Day Center offers one of the most specialized services to the infants of 12 months to the students of standard 5. We put our prime focus on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills and multicultural celebrations. <br><br>Daycare Coquitlam is under practice for over 15 year and provides all the latest facilities like school bus, playground, exploring the neighborhood, etc. <br><br>For any query or further information, browse the website. <br>Contact Us<br>If you would like to contact the school, we can be contacted in the following way<br>Bramblewood Montessori Preschool &amp; Day Center<br>1501 Bramble Lane <br>Coquitlam, BC<br>V3E 2S7<br><br>Telephone: 604 942 5430<br><br>Email: barb@bramblewoodmontessori.com<br>Website: http://www.bramblewoodmontessori.com/<br><br>

1501, Bramble Lane Coquitlam, BC V3E 2S7

  Send Message   Phone: 604 942 543

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