Earn Thousand to Million per Month !!! - The Resource of Money and Power.

Earn Thousand to Million per Month !!! - The Resource of Money and Power.
Published 16-04-11


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Hi Friends,<br>It gives me Pleasure to Introduce You to Make Thousands to Millions for Life Time from Your Contacts and Relations in any part of the World <br>just by sparing 1~2 Hrs time per day or week.<br><br><br>Earn Thousand to Million per Month !!!<br>Just Join our Network Business from any part of World.<br><br>The Resource of Money and Power.<br><br>where No Product Sale, No Direct Marketing or No Target is involved.<br><br>Just Make Money from Your Relations and Contacts<br><br>and Also Make Them Millionaires too with You !!!.<br><br><br><br><br>I am Myself a Business Owner of the Company Aple Enterprise, which is engaged in Manufacturing Various Types of Token Displays from last 22yrs for Banks and <br><br>Customer Care Centers in Indian and Abroad. I still Preferred to Join Network Business for Unseen &amp; Unheard Incomes, and for Many other Host of Reasons as follows :<br><br><br>Ø This is the only Network Business Company in India Functioning Undisputedly from last 10 Years with ZERO Debt.<br><br><br>Ø In Last 10 Years, More than 10,00,000 Members have already became Millionaires from this Business, <br> and Company is expecting 25,00,000 Members to Become Millionaires in next 2 years.<br><br><br>Ø Beside Small Scale Businessman, Many Big Industrialists are the Part of 10,00,000 Millionaires, and Their Name are :<br> <br> ~ Arwind Mills, Ahmedabad.<br><br> ~ Innovative Business Group, Kerala.<br><br> ~ M/S Diamond Associates, Delhi.<br><br> ~ Gai Brand Besan, Ahmedabad.<br><br> ~ S &amp; S Associates, Kerala.<br><br> ~ Eagle Associates, Tamil Nadu.<br><br> ~ Man Power Associates, Kerala.<br><br> ~ Unique Associates, Karnataka<br><br> ~ M/S Thamas Enterprises, Maharashtra. <br><br><br><br>Attached pl find the Payout and Fact File of the Members with very small numbers of Pairs. Pl use Acrobat Reader 8 or above to view this pdf file.<br><br>People like Innovative Business Group, Kerala have already taken 150 Crore Rupees.<br> <br> <br><br>If you have any failure question, you can call me anytime between 10am to 6pm on +919867155340.<br>It would be always my pleasure to help you out.<br><br><br><br><br>It is easy to become a Network Businessman. Once you join Network Business, earning the PV value is quiet simple. If you are able to suggest and convince at least 2 persons to join this Network Business, their membership will be counted under your downline structure. From every Pair from them, you get Rs.1000/- payment per pair. Even if you don’t have more knowledge about this Network Business, you can still recommend them to others. The continual income doesn’t necessarily entail hard work and house-to-house selling. With the advent of Internet connection, it is but a click of your finger and you are on your way to success.<br><br>The policy entitles on two persons under your sponsorship. They are considered your right and left structure. You will be earning from both sides depending on their sponsorship and the dedication they put on their side. Every pair from both sides yields you amount of Rs.1000/- per pair since we use an American Binary Plan. As long as your structure keeps growing, your income is growing as well. <br><br>If your downline develops quickly, the number of pairs under you brings you a big check. If there are 10 pairs in your structure every week then Rs.10000/- is what you are going to get. If it increases to 15 pairs you will get Rs.15000/- for the corresponding week. <br>


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