Escape from the ORDER!

Published 24-09-13


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Escape from the ORDER! © 2010 by Utah Author Steve Nelson
Take a ride into the Very Near future! The characters are fictional but the FACTS are REAL! This story is told with Real quotes from Real bad guys of today & yesteryear! Plus Real quotes from the good guys of today & yesteryear!
Experience the future of the human in the New World Order through the eyes of Male2014 & his friend Male2012. Imagine an Already Planned future where the human herd is limited in numbers & highly controlled.
*If you ever enjoyed the Charlton Heston movie: ‘SOYLENT GREEN’ or the George Lucas movie ‘THX 1138,’ you will love, ‘Escape from the ORDER!’ by Utah Author Steve Nelson.
Escape from the ORDER! is over 46,000 Action Packed words + Tons of Exciting Pics! *Read 20% of this Exciting ebook for FREE at: SMASHWORDS.COM
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