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For strata owners, a depreciation report is mandatory by 14 December 2013. Get it from the most experienced appraisers. StrataFunds is qualified appraisers and designated reserve fund planners. They have years of experience inspecting and appraising multi-family properties.

A depreciation report can help strata owners to mitigate unnecessary expenditure by taking precautionary steps. It helps them take proactive steps. It has the potential to get rid of the Strata Special Levy in the future as well.

StrataFunds bases their data on daily market access. This ensures that real world economics determine the report. Get in touch with StrataFunds for a no-obligation consultation.

Mailing Address:- 414 – 2416 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Canada V5T 3E2
Telephone:- (604) 729-2961
Email:- sarah@stratafunds.ca
Website:- http://www.stratafunds.ca/

Vancouver, BC

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