Euro Millions Jackpot Club

Euro Millions Jackpot Club
Published 26-09-11


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<br>It's All In The Numbers<br><br>How It Works?<br><br>Ever played in a lottery syndicate before?<br><br>Lots of people do.<br><br>
You and other lottery players pooling resources to boost your chances
of scooping a jackpot makes a lot of sense — because it's proven to
work!<br><br> In fact, according to Camelot, operators of the UK
National Lottery, approximately... 1 in 4 major prizes is won by
syndicates!<br><br>Jackpots are never less than £13 million and they
frequently roll over time and time again to more than a massive £100
million! The maximum jackpot permitted by the rules is a truly
monumental £160 MILLION!*<br><br>To enter EuroMillions, players must choose... 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 plus... 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 11<br><br>Playing
on your own would cost you £2 per single-line entry. But how would you
like the thrill of playing instead in a Club syndicate for a share of...
55 single-line entries in every Tuesday draw for 52 weeks a year
55 single-line entries in every Friday draw for 52 weeks a year<br><br>... for the price of only £40 a YEAR!<br><br>And even that, we ask you to pay in instalments of £10 a quarter.<br><br>No, we're not joking! We really do mean a phenomenal 5,720 lines in total over 12 months for the ludicrously low outlay of...<br>Only £40 for a whole year's membership!<br><br>As for the main numbers of 1 to 50, we organise them in such a way that each appears within your 55 lines at least 5 times.<br><br>All
of which means that in every draw you're guaranteed to... Match
each of the 5 winning main numbers at least 5 times Match each of
the 2 winning Lucky Star numbers 10 times Match both winning Lucky
Star numbers on one line!<br><br>All the numbers are pre-determined —
you don't need to choose them yourself — and we place your entries in
every draw automatically; there's no need for you to lift a finger.<br><br>We
operate as many syndicates as needed to accommodate everyone who joins —
no limit — and we organise them in series. For example... once
syndicate No.1 in the series is full with players, we start syndicate
No.2. Then, once syndicate No.2 is full, we start No.3... and so on.<br><br>Join now<br>How We Distribute The Winnings<br><br>Because
each syndicate enters 55 lines, it's logical to think that each member
receives an equal 55th share of their syndicate's winnings... and in all
thirteen EuroMillions prize categories.<br><br>But that's not how we do
it here at the EuroMillions Jackpot Club. Each member in fact receives a
variable share and we distribute winnings in the highest 4 prize
categories differently to those smaller wins in the lowest 9 categories.<br>When
a syndicate wins a prize, the winnings are divided into shares, the
value of each varying in line with how many syndicates in the series
have the winning numbers in common. The prize money can therefore be
shared between more than one syndicate, and could be shared across
several, however all syndicates also have a chance of being the only
syndicate with a winning jackpot line, in which case the share would be
between the 110 members of that syndicate.<br>Join now !!! It`s great!!!<br><br><br>So How Much Can You Win?<br><br>The
Club doesn't operate normal, 'static' syndicates — meaning syndicates
where members always receive the same, fixed proportion of the winnings.<br><br>For
just £40 a year, paid as £10 a quarter, you're entered into a syndicate
with 55 lines, each having a variable share value. And this is what
makes the Club unique and very exciting — way beyond any static
syndicate system.<br><br>Each variable share value will change in line
with the growth of the Club, ranging from around £4,000 to £1.4 million
per share, with many different values inbetween.**<br><br>These shares
will vary, depending on the cash value of the jackpot win and the number
of winning entrants, of course. But your personal payout can also vary
due to the unique 100% Matching Wins bonus (explained fully on the
'Matching Wins' page).<br>Experience the excitement of the 100% Matching Wins bonus<br><br>For
example... refer 10 new members to the Club who each hold a
jackpot-winning line with a share value of £4,000 and you'll receive a
Matching Wins bonus of £40,000.<br><br>Refer 10 new members who each
hold a jackpot-winning line with a share value of £1.4 million and
you'll receive a Matching Wins bonus of £14 million.<br><br>And these amounts will be paid in addition to any personal winnings you may receive.<br><br><br><br>Join now [youtube=]


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