Experience a better quality of life in hours or it's FREE

Published 11-04-12


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That’s right. Experience a better quality of life in hours or it’s FREE.

Brighton Workshops are running an Essential Life Skills course right now. The weekly 2 hour 6 week
workshops run by Psychotherapist Rob Moulder cover many useful and practical ways for helping
improve the quality of our lives from developed conversational skills and body language to confidence
building, excellent positive mind set techniques and ways to become much more energized.

Most of these powerful and highly effective techniques are experienced in enjoyable exercises which
can be tested for their validity in the workshops. You will also be offered simple and fun assignments
to carry out within the week to help develop your new skills further. The workshop sessions are
specifically structured for rapid results and long lasting improvements. You are invited to join at anytime as the course continually repeats itself every 6 weeks.

Free phone support too! Limited places so book yours today.
For more info: www.brightonworkshops.com e:yesworld1@yahoo.co.uk


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