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Published 30-07-12


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Corn is a horny induration and thickening of the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin). Corns appear on the surfaces of the skin which is frequently subjected to friction, like soles and palms. It may be single or multiple. Sometimes it is so painful that patient cannot even walk.

Soft corns appear between the toes, usually on the inside of the little toe

Hard corns will appear on the top of toes, under the metatarsal heads of the toes (the ball of the foot), and over bunions.

What causes Foot Corns?
Corns on feet are caused by friction and pressure and forming a conical mass pointing down into inner skin, producing pain and irritation. Tight or ill fitting shoes can cause corns.

How can Corns be cured?
Conventional system of medicine treats Corns by removing it surgically. But surgical removal does not solve this problem permanently. Recurrence is very common after surgical removal. Moreover further appearance of corns on same or another foot cannot be prevented with surgery.

There is effective treatment for Corns in homeopathy. Surgery can be avoided and corns can
be cured without surgery with homeopathy. Once treated successfully, recurrence does not take place. Homoeopathic treatment for Corns is completely painless and safe.

Many people try to remove corns by cutting or trimming them with a sharp instrument like knife. This may worsen the condition resulting in unnecessary injury. Diabetics especially should never try this type of treatment. Such methods should not be used when safe and effective homeopathic remedy is available for corns.

Homeopathic treatment is highly recommended especially when other options have failed. All homeopathic medicines are safe, natural, easy to administer and without any side effects.

What are advantages of Homeopathic Treatment for Corns?
* No Surgery
*No creams, no lotions or other local applications
*No medicated pads
* Only oral medicines in the form of sweet pills
*No dietary restrictions
* No recurrence once treated successfully with homoeopathy

What is total duration and cost of Corns Treatment? Corns treatment may last up to a total duration of six months. However patient gets relief from pain much earlier. Most of the cases are cured completely and permanently within the period of this six months. To know about the Corns treatment from our clinic, please see below.

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