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Published 21-05-11


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Design and Development of Customized Hardware and Software Solutions<br>We have designed and developed Xilinx® Virtex‐4™ FX development Kit.. The SRTS V4F is a high‐End<br>VIRTEX‐4 FPGA board with good technical features: A VIRTEX‐4™ FX FPGA is the heart of this versatile<br>FPGA board.<br>The Technical features of FPGA board are provided below<br>• Support for multiple clock sources 50 MHz, 100 MHz, and External Clk.<br>• Memory interfaces for SDRAM, Multiple FPGA programming modes: Platform Flash, JTAG,<br>• Display – 16 * 2 Character LCD, Key pad, DIP Switch inputs. , 16 LED outputs, 4 – 7 segment displays.<br>• ADC and DAC interfaces, multiple user interfaces: RS‐232, RS‐422, USB 2.0.<br>• 300 I/O Lines 3.3V to 5V or vice versa, input Power 9V/1A<br>Repair and Testing of Electronic boards we have a team of Engineers who can diagnose, find faults in<br>the Electronic boards. We can source the components and solder the components and test the boards<br>according to the customer requirements. We have good knowledge of Technology like FPGA, DSP,<br>Microcontrollers etc<br>


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