Flamenco Dancer

Published 30-06-11


Location: Home Location
Denver, CO


<P>Natalia is a flamenco dancer from Spain. She has been living in Denver for the past 10 years performing and teaching this beautiful art form. Natalia has worked with many flamenco artists throughout the United States. She performs regularly with a flamenco trio that includes Vincent Chavez on the guitar and Mark Herzog handling vocals. Natalia is available for all types of performances from small venues like restaurants, art galleries, private parties, etc. to bigger productions, providing more musicians and dancers if necessary. Natalia also has a special program for schools that includes lecture, dance and musical performance. The program includes a question and answer session and any willing audience members get to try their hands, and feet, at dancing flamenco!</P>
<P>If you are looking for an entertainment event with live music, singing and dancing please contact Natalia.</P>
<P><A rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flamencowithnatalia.com">www.flamencowithnatalia.com</A> </P><BR>


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