FlashWriteLED Board

Published 13-02-12


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FLASHWRITE LED WRITING BOARD is an ILLUMINATED REWARITEBLE SIGN BOARD that lights up your message like NEON. Using the latest in LED TECHNOLOGY, there is a remote that allows you to set board to flash or smoothly cycle through 7 color modes. You can also hold or flash your message in 7 different colors models and it has 8 speeds in which you can flash your messages. The average life span of the FlashWrite LED Boards, if a merchant were to use it daily, 24 hours a day, always on, would be 5.7 years; whereas someone who uses it daily but only 12 hours a day, the lifespan is 10.5 years; which makes this product an even more valuable investment. It can be used indoors as well as semi-outdoors as we have a waterproof model for mainly outdoor use. Flash Write LED Boards come with an 18 month guarantee or warranty that other competitors cannot provide.

You can change your message anytime and as it works just like a chalkboard!

These eye-catching, neon colored board, finished in a high quality, molded, non-fading black, Aluminium Alloy frame; are excellent for Restaurant Menu Boards, Daily Specials, Promotions, Special Events, Discount Sales, New Product Releases, Price Lists, etc. In fact, it's perfect for any information you wish to display in Illuminated, Erasable, Rewriteble, even Flashing Font.

FlashWrite is great for attracting customers to your business!


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