Freelance Software Project Manager Bangalore

Freelance Software Project Manager Bangalore
Published 17-04-11


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<p>I have 14+ years of software experience, with 6 years in US working
at the client's location and 8+ years of Project &amp; Program
Management experience.</p>
<p><br></p><p>I started my career at Infosys. Built a strong base during my 10
years of association with Infosys. Then I moved to ArisGlobal which is
a leading product development company in life sciences domain. At
ArisGlobal I managed team of size more than 80. After more than 2 years
at ArisGlobal, I moved on to a startup company with responsibility of
developing the company from zero. Worked with the startup for 1.5 years.</p>
<p>For the past 1 year, I worked as Head of Engineering at Kuliza
Technologies, with the main responsibility of setting up process,
managing projects, delivering quality, growth and training of people,
<p>Key strengths:</p>
<p>Project Management</p>
<p>Program Management</p>
<p>Expertise in SCRUM Framework</p>
<p>Resource Management</p>
<p>People Management</p>
<p>Requirements Management</p>
<p>Technical Expertise</p>
<p>Creative Problem Solving</p>
<p>Client Relations</p>
<p>Full lifecycle development</p>
<p>Analysis of business problems</p>
<p> </p>
<p><br></p><p>Looking for an opportunity to utilize my experience, expertise and
skills in developing a small size company or a startup either as a
consultant (part time or full time) or as an employee. Please contact me "aputta" at


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