Fully Furnished Ready Running Restaurant with Permit Room with all Valid Licenses for Rent for Lease in Mumbai Bandra

Price $200,000.00
Published 14-07-11


Location: Home Location


<P>Hii, We Exclusively Deal in Restaurants all over Mumbai...<BR>We Have Helped Many Clients/Companies/Brands/Chain Restaurants to get there Choice of Places<BR>Sq.ft from 500 to 25000 sq.ft<BR>Rent from 50000 to 5000000<BR>Restaurants available between Churchgate to Virar<BR>Besides other Locations in Mumbai we Currently have Exclusive &amp; Top-Notch Location to Let out.</P>
<P>Sq.ft: 500<BR>Rent: 70000/-<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Santacruz East<BR>Type: Furnished with Licenses</P>
<P><BR>Sq.ft Area: 2000<BR>Rent: 75000/-<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Goregaon West<BR>Type: Furnished with all Licenses</P>
<P><BR>Sq.ft: 1000<BR>Rent: 100000/- pm<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Malad West<BR>Type: Furnished with Licenses</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 1600<BR>Rent: 240000<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Malad Link Road<BR>Type: Furnished Restaurant with all License incl. Liquor</P>
<P><BR>Sq.ft: 1800<BR>Rent: 550000<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Oshiwara, Andheri West<BR>Type: Furnished with Liquor License</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 2000<BR>Rent: 800000<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Andheri West<BR>Type: Fine Dining Furnished with License</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 3000<BR>Rent: 700000/-<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Santacruz West<BR>Type: Furnished</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 4500<BR>Rent: 800000<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Bandra West<BR>Type: furnished with liquor NOC</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 8000<BR>Rent: 120000<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Link road<BR>Type: Fully Furnished with Liquor License</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 15000<BR>Rent: 2500000<BR>Depo: 12 months rent<BR>Location: Bandra West<BR>Type: Fully Furnished with In house &amp; Liquor Licenses.</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 5000<BR>Rent: 200000<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Colaba<BR>Type: Fully Furnished with Liquor License</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 20000<BR>Rent: 180000<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: Andheri Link road<BR>Type: Fully Furnished with Liquor License</P>
<P><BR>Sq.Ft: 6000<BR>Rent: 110000<BR>Depo: 6 months rent<BR>Location: South Mumbai<BR>Type: Fully Furnished with Liquor License</P>
<P><BR>We also have bare-shell premises which can be leased out to Restaurants, lounge, pub, Fine-dining etc for theme concepts. All properties we have are located on prominent locations like Crowded Areas, Sea-facing Properties, on Linking Road/ S.V.Road, Independent Bungalow/Villa, on Highway etc etc depending on individual's requirements.</P>
<P><BR>We charge brokerage on all Rental &amp; Sale deals.</P>
<P><BR>All listed Restaurants are subject to availability.</P>
<P><BR>Call for More Restaurants, Best Prices &amp; Forefront Loactions.</P>
<P><BR>Thank you,</P>
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<P><BR>We have Restaurants all over Mumbai</P>
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