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At TGC, Graphic design is the study and practice of communicating ideas and information through printed, environmental and digital presentations. At TGC with the mix of Typography and images we try to integrate messages that interest, inform, and persuade intended audiences. We also use research, critical thinking, creativity, and a range of problem-solving principles to solve complex visual communication problems within the constraints of time, space, budget, and technology. Areas of study include publications design, signage and environmental design, corporate identity, packaging, and information design.<br><br>Programme Outcome:<br><br> Raster Imaging and Vector Imaging<br> Environmental Design<br> Packaging Design<br> Corporate Design<br> Advertising Design<br> Concept &amp; Symbolism<br> Printing Processes &amp; Costing<br> Career Skills &amp; Professional Practices<br> History of Graphic Design<br> Elements of Graphic Design<br> Vector &amp; Raster Imaging<br> Typography<br> Symbols &amp; Icon Design<br> Design for Publications<br> Information Design<br><br>Programme Outline:<br>Programme is being divided in 3 modules &amp; Portfolio Design (details are as follow)<br><br><br>Fast Track<br>Course Duration: 3 months<br>Schedule: 4 Hours/6 days a week<br>________________________________________<br>TGC Animation &amp; Multimedia<br>No. 65, 29-A Cross, 1st Floor<br>4th Block, Jayanagar,<br>Behind Pavithra Hotel above Bombay Dyeing Showroom<br>Bangalore- 5600011<br>Phone: +91- 080 42198486, 42198282, 42198485<br><br>Website: www.tgcindia.com <br><br>

29 A Cross Rd, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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