Great Deal on Mattress at Amita Exclusives

Published 03-07-11


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We are pleased to introduce Amita Exclusives as an innovative home furnishings store based in Bangalore, India<br><br>Current Offer ----- Group Discount - 15% Discount on the mattress.<br><br>Attractive offer – If you/ your friends/ relatives together buy 5 mattresses, you can avail flat 15% discount. Offer valid on all kinds of Springwel mattress.<br><br>Mattress can be customized as per your requirement.<br><br>Features<br> To prevent back strain, a good mattress should support your body while you sleep. It needs to offer the <br> right firmness and thickness for your body type.<br><br>Function<br><br> A mattress offers a place to rest your body when you are sleeping or just relaxing. The best mattress will<br> offer functionality both when you are lying down and when you are sitting up in bed.<br><br>Size<br><br> A good mattress that is big enough to fit the bed size prevents aches and pains that come from having <br> portions of your body in contact with the hard surface of your bed.<br><br>Benefits<br><br> According to the Better Sleep Council, your mattress has a major impact on the quality and quantity of<br> your sleep and therefore how you function and feel every day. <br><br>Hurry!!! offer valid till 10 July only.<br><br><br>Email Us-<br>Contact Us- 080 656 80147, 9886282781, 9742613125<br>Website- http://www.amita<br>Our Address- #91, 17th Cross, 14th Main, 4th Sector, H.S.R Layout, Bangalore,Karnataka 560102, India<br>


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