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The device built-in 8 wireless modules can b inserted eight SIM cards, can use eight cards to send text messages, send speed as 8 time as a single channel modem. It uses the development of WAVECOM module, 100-250V power supply, can be long time stability, generous luxury housing.

industrial-grade chips, to ensure stable operation

switch independence, support for the size of SIM card

ports support hot-swapping.

a separate module can be demolished.

power lines and data lies are only one of the more simple.

the size of a small, elegant, accounting for a smaller space (the size of the computer keyboard is only about half the size),especially suitable for the use of multiple macines at the same time. A, system advantages for 8 port modem pool

Wireless GSM/GPRS /MODEM built on the broad masses of the personal needs of customers on the basis of the enterprises to meet the following requirements:

for the majority of customers the same of different delivery information:

promptly contact employees issued notices of meetings;

to avoid consuming a large number of enterprise human, material and information transfer on time;

to avoid high communication costs to be incurred in a month;

enterprises and customers (members) between the corporate partners, businesses and staff in the need for more exchanges.

B,The system features:


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