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Fire Single is greatest hazard that causes severe damage to life and property.Though one has to prepared to fight it when it occurs.Prevention is always better then cure Fabric is one of the active source of spreading fire and this is where Shield Flame retardant help us.once treated the flame extinguishes within itself and does not spread more then 3".Shield Flame retardant is chemical formulation manufactured by M/s Fiber shield Inc USA one of the best companies dealing in such products and sold compare with the best all over Globe its result are classified as Class A Fire Rating and holds certification from California city of New York Bureau of Standard and Appeals two most difficult and widely accepted in Fire retardancy in USA.Can be applied on FABRIC/PAPER/WOOD.Follow us Facebook.Sunilchadha or Fibershield.mail at beaconsunil@gmail.com[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXPIMN8kW90&NR=1]


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