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Published 02-05-12


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We guarantee you good quality strains. and you are 100% refunded if your parcel is not delivered or is poor quality. Contact us for more details as regards our products.<br>The delivery period of our product is 2 for Europe and 54 hours for USA and other places.<br>The Packaging of our products is 100% discreet and confidential and the shipping is done via TNT, FADEX,and DHL<br><br>We will like you to contact us for more information as regards prices.<br><br>Prices are Negotiable<br>These prices onclude shipping and delivery charges and the prices are negotiated depending on your order and your country as well.<br>Contact for more information as our products range at 97.9% to 98/9%<br>Waiting for your inquiries and wishing you the best a long and future relationship.<br><br>Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram<br>Packing:Discreetly and vacuum sealed it a drum, silver or aluminum foil grip bags which is perfect for travel and should stay in good conditions for a long time. We also offer fast ordering and 100% secretive delivery for our Strains<br><br>Contact us anytime for details on how place and confirm your order<br>Best Regards<br>


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