He Showed Me My Enemies in a Mirror(jennifer 37yrs,musgrave

Published 02-10-11


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<div><div><p>A few days back i read of people testifying about
Adam.me too had tried many spiritual healers for help but they only
took my money for nothing.</p><p>i booked an appointment with Adam. i
paid R200. he read my fortune&amp;showed me people's faces in a dish of
water that were behind my downfall.</p><p>he touched every detail of
my life and was shocked to know that my neighbour was the one trying to
take my man.Adam cast a spell on her&amp;within 2days,my man
apologized for everything.</p><p>Adam cleansed me,opened up my luck&amp;within a week i got a promotion at work.</p><p>my life is happy again,my marriage is fine and have been able to open up a business.</p><p>since then,in every thing i do, i regard Adam as my guide.</p><p>GO FOR HELP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.</p><p>Adam is Durban&amp;pinetown.</p><p>CALL; +27766966666 OR Email;adammuntu@hotmail.com</p><p>HE ACCEPTS MAIL ORDERS TOO...</p></div></div>

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