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Published 21-12-12


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<P>It's simple. This is the best sales career opportunity, ever.</P>
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<P>Are you looking for more from the auto club business? Here at Motor Club of America we're changing things up and making things better! We're a family of charismatic sales professionals working for a company that's been around since 1926. We've created a career style agency built on an independent platform and we're moving mountains in a stale industry.</P>
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<P>We're growing, and fast -- faster than any of our competitors, and we're carefully searching for like-minded individuals to join the team and shine.</P>
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<P>What's in it for you?</P>
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<P>- Top commissions, over $150,000 in benefits, &amp; bonus structure available</P>
<P>- Online or offline direct sales marketing program</P>
<P>- World class incentive bonuses for top performers</P>
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<P>Do you have what it takes?</P>
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<P>- Drive - A desire to succeed (we all have our own definition of "success" we'll want to know yours)</P>
<P>- An entrepreneurial &amp; competitive spirit (if you aren't competitive and thrive when challenged - you won't last long here)</P>
<P>- The ability to put your team's interest before your own (leave your ego at the door)</P>
<P>- Time management and technical skills (you'll wear many hats and juggle many personalities)</P>
<P>- Agility- Be nimble! (let's face it; now-a-days we operate in the gray)</P>
<P>- Shared vision, and purpose (If you don't appreciate our culture you probably won't fit in)</P>
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<P>We're all about the team at Motor Club of America -- we've got vision, and we can see for days.</P>
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<P>You will be directed to our page so that we may schedule a pre-screening telephone interview.There will also be a business presentation so you can get a better understanding of what our company is about. From there, we'll contact you within 48 hours to talk more</P>[youtube=http://youtu.be/_sb3_28roHI]


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