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<strong>Kripa Nursing Home has Seven years of service in this field. We
are looking for ladies as Home Nurse, House Maid, Baby Care, Delivery
Care, Old Age Care, Hospital Bystander. Experience, Education and age
are not a concern. We will provide training and salary of
Rs.3600-5600/- . Also require permanent and temporary staffs for
private firms. We welcome all those interested to have a job and get
training in HOME NURSING. Those who want staffs in and around Kerala
can contact us. SUNDAY HOLYDAY. Our Working Time 8am-6pm. Address-
ULLOOR JN. , MEDICAL COLLEGE P.O, TVM PH NO: 0471-4011115, 3252417,
MOB: 9497456356.Home Nursing in Trivandrum.
Kripa Charitable Society and Nursing Service is registered as
non-governmental, non-religious and non-profitable social welfare
organization. We were set up in 2nd August 2002 at Ulloor, Trivandrum
city of Kerala. Since then we have been raising resources to protect
the rights of thousands of widows, poor and orphaned women and provide
relief to them through various interventions. The coming year indeed
marks a milestone in the KRIPA of selfless service, which we hope will
continue growing exponentially, not only in Kerala, but across the
globe. The members of Kripa engage themselves in various charities and
earn their living.<br>http://www.kripahomenursing.com/<br></strong>


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