How to Build a Lasting Impression?

Published 28-12-11


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Personalized neoprene koozies are the common choices for events and company gatherings these days. Despite the simplicity of neoprene koozies, they act as good party mementos aside from serving its purpose as an insulator for drinks.

For weddings, koozies could be customized to bear the names of the bride and groom or the date and place of the event. The usage of these party favors could be maximized. It could serve as the tag for tables of guests of simply the slate for the bride and groom to write their words of gratitude for those who attended.

Bachelorette and stag koozies maybe has the highest demand for custom koozies. As parties before the big event calls for drinks, beer bottle koozies are very much needed to keep the coldness of drinks as well as protecting the hands from the extreme cold.

Company gatherings too had seen the potential of koozies as great giveaways. The company names could be printed in blank koozies. The company logo and phone number could be printed too giving a greater chance for recall.

For party favors these days, the rule is flexibility. Event giveaways should not only serve one purpose. It should be something that could be used for event promotions as well as serving the guest’s interest as well. Figurines and cufflinks might be great for personal and company gatherings, but might not be used in the future.

Koozie Revolution specializes in making personalized koozies that caters to all events. They provide wholesale koozies that has the highest quality in the market.

Neoprene koozies are colorful and fun. They are simple and could be personalized to fit every occasion you have. Why not call us today? And make your party an event to remember?

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