How to get motivated

How to get motivated
Published 08-04-12


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So, you have a goal. You have an idea of what you'd need to do to achieve your goal. You know how much time you have, so you put it off until "later".

Then, all of a sudden you have almost no time left. You scramble to get things together. Maybe you achieve your goal, but not to the degree that you intended.

You've done this many times, and it's clearly not workable. So why do you keep doing it?

Come to our How to Get Motivated course, and find out why that happens and what exactly you can do fix it. It's simpler to handle than you may think. Once you do, you'll be able to achieve bigger and better things.

The course is $50, and starts up soon. Come check it out! Call 602-954-1417 to learn more.

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