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Published 08-12-13


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Welcome to SysAdminExperts and Thanks for the Advance IBM-AIX Training Inquiry with us!

1) AIX Course Contents:-
1: Introduction to the Hp-Ux Operating System
2: Redirection and Pipes
3: Introduction to the Vi Editor
4: Searching and Replacing Text, Recalling and Editing Commands
5: File Permissions and Access Control
6: Processes Management
7: The User Management
8: Create and Schedule Jobs
9: Scripting

2. AU 14 – AU 16 2 Month
1: Introduction
2: Object Data Manager and Devices
3: Logical Volume Manager (Lvm)
4: AIX Filesystem Management
5: AIX Storage Concepts
6: Paging and Dump
7: Smit and Using Smit
8: Networking AIX
9: Software Installation
10: Software Maintenance
11: Network File System
12: System Resource Controller
13: Diag and Error Reporting
14: AIX Booting Process
15: AIX Installation
16: User Management
17: Misc
18: HMC (Hardware Management Console)

2) Advance AIX Training:-
1. POWERHA: HACMP – 15 Days
1: PowerHA For AIX: Migration And Extended Administration (An450)
• Fundamental PowerHA for AIX concepts and components
• Cluster planning
• Build two node HACMP cluster
2: PowerHA For AIX: Implementation, Configuration And Administration
• Explain the high availability concept
• Outline the capabilities of PowerHA for AIX
• Design and plan a highly available cluster
• Install and configure PowerHA for AIX in the following modes of operation: Single resource group on a primary node with standby node; and two resource groups in a mutual takeover configuration
• Configure resource group startup, fallover, and fallback policies
• Perform basic system administration tasks for PowerHA
• Perform basic customization for PowerHA
3: PowerHA For AIX: Real Time Scenarios On Power Server\
• Create two node clusters
• Install HACMP on each node
• Configure each nodes
• Start/stop/sync cluster
• Design resource group and make resources highly available
• Create multiple resource groups
• Do graceful fallover and fallback
• HACMP concurrent volume groups
• HACMP making file systems highly available
• Add shared storage to existing HA file systems
• Configure and test disk heartbeats
• Upgrade HACMP
2. POWER VIOS – 15 Days
• VIO Installation
• LPAR creation with VIO
• Micro partitioning
• VIO administration using IVM Integrated Virtual Manager
• Networking LPAR
• Inter-Networking LPAR
• Networking LPAR with external LAN
• Configuration of SEA? Shared Ethernet Adapter
• VIO Servers Backup

3) IBM PSeries (P 520) AIX Server Remote Access

We also offer IBM-AIX pSeries 520 Server Remote Access. This can be used by any AIX Administrator, UNIX Administrators, Working Professional, and Corporate Person for their Hands-On practice on Server.

Hardware Configuration:
• Company owned IBM-AIX Power6 - P520 server with 5.3, 6.1 OS loaded
[1-core 4.2 GHz POWER6 Processor Card
8192MB (8x1024MB) RDIMMs
4x73 GB 15K RPM SAS Disk Drive
OS 5692-A5L: AIX 5L V5.3/6.1/7.1 Update CD with Preinstall 64-bit Kernel
DASD/Media Backplane for 3.5 ASD/DVD/Tape]

• IIBM HMC with 7.1.x OS pre-configured
• IBM – SAN DS 5020 Midrange Storage Box with 1 TB x 12 SCSI Disks
• IBM TS-3100 Dual Tape Drive Tape Library
• IBM X3400 series server.
• Quad Core Xeon SuperMicro Server with 8 TB of Disk Storage and 48 GB of RAM
• Quad Core Xeon SuperMicro Server with 8 TB of Disk Storage and 196 GB of RAM

4) IBM-SAN Storage & IBM-TSM :-

1. IBM-SAN - 15 Days
1: Introduction to Disk Storage Entry, Midrange, Enterprises
3: Logical
4: Host
5: Hardware
6: SAN
7: Miscellaneous Concepts

2. IBM-TSM Course Contents:-
1: Introduction to Tivoli Storage Manager
2: Managing Storage Pools and Storage Pool Volumes
3: Install and Configure Tape Library Attached To the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server
4: Scheduler
5: Client Configuration
6: Database & Recovery Log
7: Backup-Archive Client Functions
8: Monitoring and Logging Events
9: Enabling Client Events for the Storage Manager Console
10: Policy Management
11: Backing Up the Database
12: Privilege Classes


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