In the 47th Generation

Published 24-09-13


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In the 47th Generation ©2013 by Utah Author Steve Nelson
A Scifi Action/Adventure story set nearly 1000 years in the distant future. The Earth has finally cleansed itself from the radioactivity & chemical pollutions of 20th Century man. Now Dan47 & his mate Kati47 are sent to the surface to see if life is once again possible there.
Follow the adventures of Dan & Kati47 as they lead a hearty band of explorers to the surface & as they explore their new world of the distant future, together.
This exciting ebook contains Tons of exciting pics and many are CGI along with original artwork!
This Scifi story is based on a Real Scientific paper by Real MIT Scientist, Matthew Stein. So Buckle up! Get strapped in! And Get set for Adventure; In the 47th Generation
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