Indian Head Penny Bolo Tie Pendant (#167 – CC36) $75

Published 14-02-12


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Indian Head Penny Bolo Tie Pendant (#167 – CC36) $75 - - - -

You are looking at an amazing large replica of an American Indian Head Penny made into a Bolo Tie with genuine deep red ruby gemstone accents. The 1776 on the coin is commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. You can complement whatever style or color leatherette cord/strap for a perfect finish. - - - - -

This is a man’s Western Bolo Tie pendant which could be a handsome accessory to dress up your western attire. The front of the coin shows UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, an Indian head facing to the left, wearing an Indian headdress with six deep red ruby gemstones with the year 1776 on the bottom of the coin. - - - -

The original Indian Head Penny coins (produced from 1859-1909) are extremely rare and highly sought after which makes this replica very unique. The quality of this bolo tie coin is excellent and the design is exclusive, a one-of-a-kind. This item would sell for several hundred dollars just for the gemstone content, if you could even find anything like it. - - - - -

• Item: Bolo Tie Indian Head Penny Pendant Replica
• Condition: Used but, in excellent shape
• Manufactured: Made In The USA
• Weigh: 29g
• Size: 1 ¾” diameter
• Stones: six deep red ruby gemstones
• Your price: $75 - - - - -

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