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Join Merchant Navy
Published 22-12-10


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india , Lucknow


<P>The RLINS at Madurai is an off- Campus centre of Birla Institute of Technology and science (BITS) PILANI which is one of the Renowned University in India.</P>
<P>(Apporved by Directrorate General of Shipping, Mumbai)</P>
<P>(Degree will be Awarded by BITS PILANI)</P>
<P>100% Placement</P>
<P>Feels like real life Captain and Chief Engineer on this giant ship in Campus.</P>
<P>Training ship- Meenakshi (81 meter long concrete ship in campus)</P>
<P>Courses Offered:-</P>
<P>- B.S. Marine Engineering</P>
<P>- B.S. Nautical Technology</P>
<P>RLINS also conducts DG Shipping approved one year GME Programme.</P>
<P>Admissions are opened Contact for any query</P>
<P>LORD BUDHA ADVISOR ACADEMY<BR>Ground floor, Center Court Building,<BR>Park Road-5, Lucknow<BR>9415001634, 9935510008<BR>Email:-<BR>Website- <A rel="nofollow" href=""></A></P>
<P> </P>
<P> </P>Contact Detail:<BR>Name: Himanshu<BR>Phone: 9935510008<BR>Address: Ground floor, Center Court Building,Park Road-5, Lucknow<BR><BR>


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