Junior, Adult, Group Golf Instruction

Published 05-07-11


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San Bernardino California


<P><B>The Southern California Junior Golf Players Club</B> is offering affordable junior golf summer camps at Cresta Verde Golf Course in Corona. <BR><BR>The next camp dates are: <BR><BR>* Tuesday July 12<SUP><FONT size=2>th</FONT></SUP> to Friday July 15<SUP><FONT size=2>th</FONT></SUP> </P>
<P>* Tuesday July 19<SUP><FONT size=2>th</FONT></SUP> to Friday July 22<SUP><FONT size=2>th</FONT></P></SUP>
<P>* Tuesday July 26<SUP><FONT size=2>th</FONT></SUP> to Friday July 29<SUP><FONT size=2>th</FONT></P></SUP>
<P><BR><BR>Costs: $75 per day or $250 for each four day camp. </P>
<P>(<B><FONT color=#ff0000>Save $50 by signing up for the four day camp</B></FONT>)<BR><BR>Where: Cresta Verde Golf Course in Corona, California. <BR><BR>Times: 10am to 2pm. <BR><BR>Includes:<BR>* 3 1/2 hours of on course and practice range instruction each day. <BR>* Golf course and range fees each day. <BR>* Golf instructor fees each day. <BR>* Daily mini golf tournament each day. <BR>* Daily Lunch, snacks and drinks. <BR>* End of week golf tournament. <BR><BR>Maximum 6 kids per instructor so sign up early. </P>
<P><A rel="nofollow" href="http://www.southerncaliforniagolfschools.org/"><U><FONT color=#0000ff>http://www.southerncaliforniagolfschools.org</U></FONT></A></P>
<P><A rel="nofollow" href="http://www.menifeevalleygolfschool.com/"><U><FONT color=#0000ff>http://www.menifeevalleygolfschool.com</U></FONT></A></P>
<P><BR>Please sign up by calling <B>951 286-0027</B> </P>


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