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5 Candidates needed this week
Become part of a nutrition company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has over $4 billion in annual sales, listed in 80 countries worldwide.
Change your life today with this brilliant opportunity.
We are looking for people who are serious about their future, people who are independent, people that are committed to working hard either within a group or by themselves.
You need to have 3 things
1) be hard working
2) be committed to your success
3) be teachable
Start part time and work your way to a full time position
Opportunity for international travel
A flexible income, giving you independence to work where and when it suits you
Are you tired of working for others, and want to be your own boss with the flexibility that allow Do you want to supplement your current income, earning extra cash for today op planning for the future?
You are not alone earning extra cash for today or planning for the future


south africa, pretoria

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