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Published 03-06-10


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We “PHOTOSPHERE” have the largest rental unit of LED display screens in India. Our LED Screens are available in various sizes according to your need. These Led screens can be used in music shows, parties, corporate events, exhibitions, concerts, radio and television promotions, sporting events, fairs, festivals, conventions, tradeshows, etc.All Led Wall display screens are bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight for either indoor or outdoor events.<BR><BR>Corporate sponsors of world-class events know the value of attracting larger audiences and increased participation. Now your company's message can be prominently displayed with state of the art outdoor LED screen technology.<BR><BR>Our team can assist you in showcasing your product or promotion. Led Wall portable units have a number of playback capabilities which include: DVD, VHS, TV Signal, Video Cameras, and Computer Graphics. Our professional on-site technicians will arrive prior to your event to assemble and operate your portable screen and will remain on-site until the completion of your program.<BR><BR>Rates are very low budget for the Indoor Screens are 300/- per Sq.ft.* and for Outdoor Screens are 350/- perSq. ft.* <BR><BR>The list of Led Screens for rentals are as under<BR><BR>1) 16mm pitch outdoor<BR><BR>Screen size upto 20ft x 30ft<BR><BR>2) 10mm pitch outdoor/indoor<BR><BR>Screen size 20 ft x 10.5 ft<BR><BR>3) 7.62mm pitch Indoor/Outdoor<BR><BR>Screen size 20 ft x 25 ft<BR><BR>4) 6mm pitch Indoor Screen<BR><BR>Screen Size 10 ft x 19 ft<BR><BR>For any technical specification and Led screen requirement call on 08898681274 &amp; 09224347597 (KD JADHV)or you can email us at kdjadhav2010@yahoo.com &amp; kdjadhav2020@gmail.com<BR><BR>


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