Let the Legend of the Evil Eye be with you !

Published 19-04-13


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Let the Legend of the Evil Eye be with you !


The Evil Eye is also referred to as the All-Seeing Eye, the Lucky Eye, Nazar Boncuk and Mati.

According to an Ancient Turkish and Greek belief, an envious look cast upon you can bring bad luck.
A tradition that defines evil always provides a charm for protection.

Hold that charm in your hand right now!
We believe the eye looks out for us, protects us from envy, negativity, and brings good luck.

When the Evil Eye bead appears in other colors besides blue, it is usually for fashion reasons.
Beads in alternative colors have every bit as much power as the traditional blue ones.

People from different regions have embraced the Evil Eye, thus bringing us all together as one.
This means the Evil Eye is more than just a superstitious myth. It is a reminder that we are all one people.

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