Looking for white patriots.

Published 13-11-11


Location: Home Location
Gainesville, Florida


I'm here to help bring the <span class="IL_AD" id="IL_AD4">people of</span> my race hope and some tools in
preserving our <span class="IL_AD" id="IL_AD2">heritage</span> and protecting our own. To let folks know that
there are <span class="IL_AD" id="IL_AD5">men and women</span> out here fighting today for your future
True Invisible Empire Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux
Klan are looking for White patriotic Americans. We need White men and
women that are willing to help spread a genuine spirit of American
patriotism. We are not a hate group, or anything of the kind you may
have seen on TV or in books. We are a fraternal movement designed to
create a brotherhood among men and women who are akin in race, belief,
spirit, character, interest and purpose. We are Christians out to spread
a <span class="IL_AD" id="IL_AD1">program</span> of unselfish helpfulness. If you think you can be of help to
our white race contact us ASAP. It's never to late to make a change.
Fighting today for your future tomorrow, 24 Hour Klanline,
1-888-276-6760 www.takkkk.com<br>


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Please write to us if you need any further information.