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Always On Your Mind
'Always on your Mind' is a great spell to ensure your on on your lover's mind constantly (in a positive manner), so that he or she wants to be with you in the way you desire and puts you first etc. You may even think that an impossible task, but that is what love spells perform, making possible what would otherwise be certainly impossible. If you don't love your lost lover heart and soul, don't buy this love spell, because you will be wasting your time reuniting with someone when you could just as happily find another to love. You would also be wasting all the power that this love spell uses, power that should only be for those who really love and feel that destiny has gone awry. This love spell unravels the skein of tangled destiny, rights it and is reserved for true lovers only, as true lovers should not be parted, but your heart is telling you that already

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