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We all have been there and we always feel and KNOW it is not right and it hurts deeply. Your heart wishes your lover would return. Your heart literally BREAKS. Now you see where the term"Heart Break" came from.

You recently Lost Your Lover.
You tell yourself it was "for the best" but if that's true,
why does it hurt so bad?


1. You look down at your cell phone every few seconds.
2. You check your messages over and over.
3. You look for a text message you may have missed (constantly).
4. You always think you hear your phone ringing but it never does.
5. You call to ask for your "Stuff Back" that you really don't want or need anyway.
6. You find yourself driving close to your ex lover's house for some strange reason.
7. You find reasons to contact your Ex's friends and bring up your ex for some reason.


If you are guilty of ANY ONE of these things, you need your Lover back NOW because you LOVE THEM! You MISS THEM and you NEED THEM.

I assure you, what you are doing and feeling over the loss of your Ex Lover is very common and very normal and it is OK to seek help from people who can help you and enjoy helping you! .

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