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<br><span id="IL_AD5" class="IL_AD">Tupperware</span> Modular Mates were created <span id="IL_AD3" class="IL_AD">to organize</span> your kitchen for space and convenience, while ensuring that the food stays fresh. They are a complete modular <span id="IL_AD4" class="IL_AD">storage solution</span> for <span id="IL_AD3" class="IL_AD">the kitchen</span>.<br>Save space: The unique stackable design helps utilize space in the kitchen cupboard to the maximum. In fact, you can gain upto 50% shelf space with the Modular Mates.<br>Save Time: The tabs on the Modular Mates help in easy removal of <span id="IL_AD4" class="IL_AD">seals</span> while the clear window on the sides helps identify food quickly.<br>Save <span id="IL_AD2" class="IL_AD">Money</span>: Buy larger, economical packs of food and keep them fresh for longer, <span id="IL_AD1" class="IL_AD">saving money</span> and repeated trips to the market. <br>Features &amp; Benefits<br>Tabs for easy opening.<br>Easily stackable to maximize storage.<br>Virtually airtight seal keeps food fresh. conduct for <span id="IL_AD2" class="IL_AD">more information</span> <br>

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