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Manage free radicals with MAGNO
MAGNO is a 100% natural health drink. A result of extensive research, clinical trials and total understanding of lifestyle and its adverse effects. MAGNO is a Dietary Herbal Supplement that prevents damage caused by free radicals generated in the body. This is known as Antioxidant Activity, a counter action to the free radicals.
MAGNO is made up of six very powerful natural, plant produces. Their potency in preventing oxidative damage, while supplementing the body with natural vigor, is what got them into this premium product.

Mangosteen Juice (Garcinia mangostana)
Aloe Vera Juice (Aloe barbadensis)
Goji Berry Juice (Lycium barbarum)
Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis)
Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera)
Noni Fruit Juice (Morinda citrifolia)

MAGNO Health Drink is a plant-based, 100% vegetarian whole food nutritional supplement, proprietary liquid formula prepared to strict quality control norms using time-tested herbs and herbal extracts.
MAGNO contains natural sweetener, citric acid, added natural flavour and class II preservatives.
What makes MAGNO unique
The market is flooded with various nutritional supplements promising antioxidant effect, but the majority of them are made up of a single antioxidant ingredient. Unlike these single ingredient antioxidant supplements, MAGNO offers the power of six- a potent combination of six valuable antioxidants in one product. Thus, greatly widening the range of effectiveness and enhancing the potential.
Each ingredient is extensively researched and tested for its antioxidant activity for guaranteed results. In addition to antioxidant activities all ingredients in MAGNO have scientifically proven health advantages.
Why go in for a single ingredient antioxidant supplement when you can get 6 powerful antioxidants packed in one single supplement!

MAGNO as a day-to-day health support system
When individual ingredients in MAGNO were assessed by several clinical trials it was observed that they offered a vast range of advantages facilitating the improvement of the overall health status of an individual. Few of the benefits MAGNO provides are:

Protection against digestive disorders.

Strengthening the immune system and improving defense power of the body.

Good supply proteins and replenishing vitamins and minerals.

Facilitating Healthy vision.

Improving quality of sleep.

Lending support to normal kidney function.

Protection of normal liver cells.

Anti aging effect.

Lending support to the respiratory system.

Improving reproductive function.
MAGNO and heart diseases
Atherosclerosis is the most common abnormality associated with heart diseases. Atherosclerosis means formation of plaque called as atheromas on the walls of the blood vessels. The result is the narrowing or blocking of the arteries reducing the blood and oxygen flow to the heart. This leads to heart attack. We know by now that free radicals are involved in this process.
Oxidative stress caused by free radicals also plays a part in causing high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels and obesity; all of these in turn lead to heart diseases. Though the western countries have awoken to this threat, in india the picture is of a totally opposite nature. India is experiencing a tremendous growth in heart diseases. So much so that the forecasts state that over the next 10 years 28% deaths in India will the victims of some form of heart disease.

The powerful combination six different ingredients in MAGNO produces an antioxidant activity that can effectively reduce the free radicals induced damage to the heart and thus decrease the incidence of heart diseases. These potent ingredients also support healthy functioning of the heart by reducing cholesterol levels, obesity, improving the pumping function of heart and reducing blood pressure.
MAGNO and diabetes
Diabetes mellitus is the disease characterized by high blood glucose levels. Glucose combines with proteins and generates free radicals causing local oxidative damage. Prolonged high glucose levels in the blood lead to various complications like heart diseases, kidney complications, eye problems, nerve complications and infections. The gravity of diabetes in India is beyond imagination. Numbers of cases of diabetes in India in 2002 were 3.17 crores and the estimated number of diabetes cases in India for 2030 is 7.94 crores- the reason behind WHO issuing a warning that India will be the next Diabetes capital of the world.
Regular consumption of MAGNO can reduce the stress generated by free radicals produced due to high blood sugar levels. MAGNO contains
the magical Goji beri - extremely effective in improving the use of insulin

in the body. Insulin secreted in the body reduces blood glucose levels. Clinical trials have successfully proven this insulin-supporting action of the Goji beri.
MAGNO and cancer
According to a study by the WHO, one in 12 women in urban India will develop cancer in their lifetime. Current statistics state that one in every 10 cancer related death worldwide is in urban India. What's even more alarming is that at the time of diagnosis a good 75-80% of cancer patients are in the advanced stages of the disease.
The free radicals induced oxidative stress is the origin and cause of development of cancer (a fast growing tumor that spreads and destructs surrounding tissue) in various organs.
The Green tea extract in MAGNO can inhibit initiation and promotion of tumors. The antioxidant properties of MAGNO reduce the risk of various cancers. The Mangosteen juice has successfully exhibited anti-tumor activities. Also, the Noni fruit juice shows a great potential in the process of preventing cancer.

Dosage for adults: 30 ml twice a day
Dosage for children: 15 ml twice a day
MAGNO should preferably be taken in the morning or before meals. It can be taken along with water or fruit juice.
MAGNO is neither a medicine nor an alternative for medicine. All ingredients in MAGNO are proved to be safe in clinical trials. If you should notice any of the following minor side effects viz. rash, headache, loose motions, skip a couple of doses and then restart consumption.
MAGNO should be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Once the bottle is opened it must be refrigerated.
MAGNO should be used within 18 months from the date of manufacturing.
Disclaimer : The intention of this literature is to provide information about the antioxidant activity of MAGNO. For medical conditions please consult your health care professional/ your family physician.


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