Malayalam Cartoon Animation Cd's

Malayalam Cartoon Animation Cd's
Published 26-09-11


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Aceware Technologies Pvt.Ltd.& Ritz Animationz introduces "GURUJI"
an animated moral stories & songs which have an incredible
educational value. We are providing knowledge through fun ! Stories are
an inseparable part of our formative years. Kids who don't love stories
are rare and few.Stories have an incredible educative value due to
their influence in memory. If they are visualized by animation.children
do love them! "GURUJI" a set animated moral stories & songs from
the production house of Ritz animation studioz, A traditional based 2d
animation studio which had an years experience in promoting educational
Cd roms and Children's animation series. "Guruji" is planned to be
designed in a way to educate children about the various social norms
and ethics, through playful viewing. The main theme of this particular
project has been decided to be based on an epic which most children
find tiresome to read. Hence it would serve as a means to provide them
the necessary idea with a less serious approach, through animated
characters. Aceware Technologies Pvt.Ltd release Video CDs in market.
Contact:7293003131 / 9809447105 / Contact: Ritz
animation Studioz, IV 460 Sainika school P.O Trivandrum 695582. Ph:
9809447105 , 9744155017 , 9895568068 , 9995090801


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