Manuals of Religious Instruction (32) - $75

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Manuals of Religious Instruction (32) - $75
This is a hard covered book with a burgundy & tan face showing, with very little wear. This is number 4 in a series of 4, and preface of these books was to furnish in a brief, but methodical form, a knowledge of the fundamental truths of the New Church and also to familiarize the minds of the young people with the precise language in which these truths are given us in the heavenly doctrines.
* Title: Manuals of Religious Instruction
* Published by: American New-Church Sabbath-School Association - 1884 - * New Jerusalem Church
* Doctrine Series No. 4: Lessons in Correspondences
* Authors: Rev. John Worcester, Rev. William L. Worcester, Rev. J.C. * * Ager, Rev. Frank Sewall, Dr. J.T. Prince, Francis A. Dewson & William N. Hobart
* Date Published: 1892
* Book size: 4” x 6” x 1”
This book, as indicated by her own writings inside the front cover, belonged to Miss. Lillian S. Wells of Jacksonville, Florida.
Miss. Wells was a religious woman as well as an author of “The Ladies Home Journal” in 1889.
Ladies Home Journal September 1889, Vol. VI, No. 10. 24-pages plus outer covers.
Contents as cribbed from the outer cover:
• Aids and Accessories by Lillian S. Wells
Writings inside the front cover:
* Lillian S. Wells
* 1508 Avondale Ave.
* Jacksonville, Florida
In addition there is an article from 1909 inserted in the back of the book titled: “The Number Thirteen”.
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