Market Research Product Brand Customer Online Pharma Survey Delhi

Market Research Product Brand Customer Online Pharma Survey Delhi
Published 02-06-10


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We are one of the leading services providers in the field of conducting market research on various issues. Our industry expertise and market tie-up also Allow us to offer event management services as per specific clients requirements.<BR><BR>About Us<BR><BR>We have developed our expertise in the field of offering a wide range of research consultancy services and event promotion services. Our experienced manpower and widespread network allows us to offer services for industrial research, international market research, agricultural research, consumer goods market research, event management promotions, research for advertisements agencies and social research.<BR><BR>we have recorded positive growth with in a short span of time, our aim is to offer clients with accurate consultancy services based on well researched technique like understanding the purpose of research, analyzing the are of study, collection of data and analysis of data and many more.<BR><BR>Today, our expert team assists us in successfully catering to the emerging needs of individuals, business houses and corporate clients. Our experiences approach help us to insured that our clients received authentic and exact research based results, which meet their specific business and work requirements.<BR><BR>SERVICES WE OFFER<BR><BR>We offer these research based services using a wide range of<BR>mediums including.<BR><BR>1. Pharma and Health care Survey<BR><BR>2. Pharma on panel Survey<BR><BR>3. Medical interview<BR><BR>4. Telephonic survey<BR><BR>5. Face to face survey<BR><BR>6. G.D<BR><BR>7. D.I<BR><BR>8. C.L.T<BR><BR>9. Product research<BR><BR>10. Advertisement research<BR><BR>11. Audience research<BR><BR>12. Customer research<BR><BR>13. Customer satisfaction<BR><BR>14. Technical and Analytical services<BR><BR>15. Secondary research<BR><BR>16. Multilingual Translation<BR><BR>17. Transcriptions<BR><BR>18. On line survey<BR><BR>19. On line data collection<BR><BR>20. Web based survey<BR><BR>21. Social Research projects<BR><BR>22. CATI, CAPI<BR><BR>Quality Assurance<BR><BR>We have gained reputation in handling various research services efficiently. Further more, our research consultancy and other associated services help us to effectively meat the demands of our clients. Further, we also insured superior quality in our services by working on and well researched planning to insured<BR>accurate and result oriented services, these include:<BR><BR>· Planning the task assign<BR><BR>· Manpower and resources management<BR><BR>· Assigning tasks as per the expertise<BR><BR>· Supervising the entire work process<BR><BR>· Analyzing the final results<BR><BR>With years of experiences in this services area, we follow through quality assurance methodology to insured the good results. Our trend team takes a close look at each operation and evaluation the progress of quality improvement in our research work. Further more, we also supplement routine quality<BR>inspections and follow feedback program from our clients, which helps us to provide them with best service.<BR><BR>OUR TEAM<BR><BR>We have with us experienced team to support the various services that we offer to our clients. Our team consists of 8 permanent employees and around 50 male and female free-lancers. These include supervisors, interviewers, data verifier, group moderator, transcribers, report writers, and field investigators and allied workers.<BR><BR>Further, we necessary training to our staff related to their work. This assists the personal in understanding the modern aspects of the their respective work.<BR><BR>WHY US<BR><BR>We offer value added services that provide complete satisfaction to our clients. Some of these factors that attract more clients towards us are:<BR><BR>· High degree of responsiveness<BR><BR>· Specifically tailored services to meet business needs.<BR><BR>· Extremely high quality and innovative survey design.<BR><BR>· Ethical and high quality research.<BR><BR>· Incisive reports.<BR><BR>We are covering following states-<BR><BR>1. DELHI<BR>2. WEST BENGAL<BR>3. JAMMU &amp; KASHMIR<BR>4. PUNJAB<BR>5. RAJASTHAN<BR>6. U.P<BR>7. M.P<BR>8. BIHAR<BR>9. JHARKHAND<BR>10. UTTRANCHAL<BR>11. HARYANA<BR>13. ORRISA<BR>14. NORTH EAST<BR>15. HIMACHAL<BR>16 MAHARASTRA<BR>17 GUJRAT<BR><BR>We Do not claim to be<BR><BR>Management gurus or financial wizards with a magic wand which can turn all metals into glittering gold with a mere touch. We sit with the clients help them frame precise questions, pool our experience, search for precedents, talk to experts on our panels and attempt answers / solutions to the specific problems.<BR><BR>For detail information please contact us.<BR><P><BR></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P>Contact: Anil Bhat<BR>Mobile: 9911720780<BR>Phone: 9911720780<BR>Address: Delhi<BR>City: Delhi<BR><BR></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P></P><P></P>


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