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we are producers and suppliers of best and highest quality Meds and other related product /Chemicalsb .we have purple kush and all other related meds for sale(Acapulco Gold · BC Bud · Holland’s Hope · G-13 ·Jedi · Kush ·Blue dream, white widow, blueberry and other strains:
Hello! I am a dispenser with some extra, and can deliver to any patient
*Sour Diesel lf
*Grand Daddy Purple
*Afghan Kush
*Northern Lights
*Lemon drop
*Purple Kush
*OG Kush
All top quality strains with great reviews. we do supply
others products ,we do supplier upon request. So for any one who is interested in any of our product should please contact us for price list via email at synthiamoor@hotmail.com[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXX]


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