Mental Techniques for demanding Physical Game

Published 05-12-11


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Ever wonders why certain collegiate varsity stars somehow don’t make it in the professional league? Why having a powerhouse line-up doesn’t guarantee success? How come it often takes athletes so long to get back their game after an injury? Does it strike you as strange how some athletes insist on wearing a favorite pair of socks, or the way basketball players go through drawn out routines shooting free throws?

That’s because sports is 90% mental, it always drawn greater attention to the mental aspect of any sports, and through the years, psychologists have developed techniques to improved one’s physical game. Whether you’re a father who believes in their children that they are a potential phenomena, a tennis mom who can’t figure out what’s wrong with her kid’s game, or just one deciding whether or not to try out for the varsity team, there are many questions unanswered.

The answer to that is the need to set a goal, which everyone needs to know first. Goal-setting is a technique used by just about any sports superstar today. But make sure you set your goals realistically, not to think about replacing James Lebron in a couple of days, it does take time and tons of practice. Visualization and simulation is perhaps the most heard about psychological technique used in sports. Professionals are taught to visualize themselves making the right moves whacking a fast ball out into the stands in baseball or scoring a sizzling 100 points in a basketball championship game.

Focus is simply concentrating on or giving full attention to what you’re doing, and do you know that Children and young people have an advantage in focusing over adults, yes that is proven true. Enjoy the game is the simplest yet the most profound advice from psychologists and coaching professionals so go ahead and enjoy it.

So have a goal, make a plan, psyche you up, learn a mantra or two, leave the baggage behind and enjoy yourself.

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