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Published 12-04-11


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<EM><FONT color=#ff00ff>Greetings prospective Customers and Friends,<BR><BR></FONT></EM><FONT size=1><FONT color=#ff0000>Modern Building Dismantlers' </FONT><FONT color=#339966>(Demolishers)</FONT> Construction removal,and Demolishing Company, Stuctural Demolition and Dismantling Services for Commercial, Industrial and Governmental Projects, Selective Demoliltion, Partial Dismantling or stip out work and Emergency Demolition Services , is comprised of a team of highly experienced Building demolition technicians providing effective and<EM> </EM>efficient Constructive Destruction work of all types of buildings, high rised structures, Towers in Bangalore, India.<BR> <BR>For nearly a quarter-century, We The Expert Building Demolishers' have sucessfully completed demolition &amp; dismantling jobs in every type of constructions, and our experience of more than <FONT color=#0000ff>700 buildings in BANGALORE</FONT> has resulted in a long list of satisfied, repeat customers, and our enviable safety record that continually exceeds Industry standards.<BR><BR>Our goal to not only <FONT color=#0000ff>meet</FONT> but also <FONT color=#0000ff>beat</FONT> your Building Demolishing expectations.<BR><BR>Firstly after visiting the site we will understand the Demolishing Project, secondly we carry out the project with minimum disturbance to the surrounding environment and thirdly we approach in a professional way to <FONT color=#0000ff>carry out the demolition job to</FONT> <FONT color=#0000ff>the best of<EM> our clients</EM> satisfaction<EM>.</EM></FONT><BR><BR>The list of demolition projects undertaken by us in South India<EM>,</EM> particularly in Bangalore is countless; as are the numbers of<EM> </EM>Clients that have repeatedly called us back to carry out their<EM> </EM>next Building, plant &amp; mechinery demolition/dismantling/part-dismantling or Interior demolition projects.<BR><BR>Our Customers: All over South India, like <FONT color=#800080>Government Departments,</FONT> <FONT color=#0000ff>Private</FONT> <FONT color=#0000ff>&amp; Public Sectors,</FONT> <FONT color=#ff00ff>Builders,</FONT> <FONT color=#339966>MNC's</FONT>, <FONT color=#ff6600>Architects </FONT> &amp; <FONT color=#ff0000>Structural Engineers</FONT> &amp; others. </FONT><FONT size=1><FONT color=#ff0000>(For our beloved Customers list kindly refer our Clientele page).<BR></FONT><BR>For <FONT color=#0000ff>QUICK ,</FONT> <FONT color=#ff6600>SAFE,</FONT> <FONT color=#0000ff>RELIABLE,</FONT> AND <FONT color=#339966>HASSLE FREE</FONT> Demolition/Dismantling/of your buildings, interiors, and concrete<EM> </EM>breaking in Bangalore by using, SOPHISTICATED HYDRAULIC DEMOLLITION AND DISMANTLING EQUIPMENTS and skilled demolition technician,and also traditional building demolitions, kindly contact the Expert Building Demolishers, Demolition Contractors &amp; Dismantlers' in Bangalore ,Karnataka, India, <FONT color=#ff0000>MR. MUKHTAR</FONT> ON </FONT><FONT color=#800080><FONT size=1>9844091812.<BR><BR> <FONT color=#ff0000>MODERN DISMANTLERS'</FONT></FONT> </FONT><FONT color=#ff00ff size=4>'A FORCE TO BE WRECKING WITH'</FONT><BR>


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