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More Love Spells, Call, +27768819295<br>The love spells on this page are for extra difficult cases, if you have experienced spell failure elsewhere or if time is something you do not have on your side, either of these services are ideal.<br>24/7 Love Spells Seven Orgonite Love Charms are placed in a special grid to send you powerful love magic day and night until your case is fully resolved. The Orgonite Love Charms will connect to each other and broadcast your wished at a very high frequency and magically create the outcome you are seeking. However strange this may sound, this is a very potent technique for creating the future you desire against all the odds.<br>Orgonite is a mixture of Herkimer Quartz Crystal called Herkimer Diamonds (Herkimer, New York, 3 times stronger than normal Quartz), oils, herbs, gems, spices, shells, wood, bark, metal and copper mixed in resin. Orgone energy is created, it will tune into your life force and that of your lover and erase negativity and attract the positive, loving outcome you seek.Mail me at<br><br><br>


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