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Motorola Wall Charger (#142) $10 - - - - -
In today’s economic situation it is important to get the most you can for your buying dollar. So there is no valid reason to over pay for chargers, transformers or power supplies when I have them available for you, right here and right now and at reasonable prices.- - - - - - -
1.) Motorola SPN4681C Original Motorola Wall Charger for Motorola V220 V180 V188. - - - - -
This has a smart IC chip which recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to a saver mode. Short circuit protection Plug will never heat and overcharge battery. Cell Phone can still be used during charging. Simply connect it to any handy outlet to quickly charge your battery. Leave your bulky charging units at home or in the office. It is the perfect traveling companion. - - - - -
Technical Details:
a. Model#: SPN4681C
b. Original Motorola Travel Charger for Motorola V220 V180 V188
c. Input: 120V - 60 Hz 50mA, Output: 4.8 V - 350 mA
d. Item Weight: 10.1 pounds
e. Shipping Weight: 10.1 pounds
f. Your price: US $10 - - - - - -

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