Opportunity for Individuals looking for data entry jobs

Published 20-04-11


Location: Home Location


<P>We are offering an excellent opportunity to individuals seeking to <SPAN id=IL_AD3 class=IL_AD>make money</SPAN> <SPAN id=IL_AD2 class=IL_AD>working from home</SPAN>. Join our current network of over 225+ home based (all over India) <SPAN id=IL_AD1 class=IL_AD>data entry</SPAN> operators earning regularly a fixed <SPAN id=IL_AD4 class=IL_AD>monthly income</SPAN> for over 1 year now. </P>
<P>Overview of the work:</P>
<DIV>The work involves MS Word document editing and formatting. </DIV></LI>
<DIV>Follow a set of self explanatory instructions and earn Rs 6/- per page</DIV></LI>
<DIV>Work is available in flexible slots starting from 1000 pages and going up to 2000 pages per month</DIV></LI>
<DIV>Receive payments within 5 working days after submission of work</DIV></LI>
<DIV>Workload is delivered on a fixed date each month</LI>
<P>In order to avail this wonderful earning opportunity there is a one time <SPAN id=IL_AD5 class=IL_AD>registration</SPAN> fee of Rs 1500/- per seat that is applicable. People can <SPAN id=IL_AD8 class=IL_AD>register</SPAN> a maximum of 3 seats per household. We recommend that you have a fair knowledge on MS Office before you consider registering for this opportunity. </P>
<P><STRONG>* This opportunity is only for people working from home. Companies and Organizations will not be entertained.</STRONG></P>
<P>For <SPAN id=IL_AD7 class=IL_AD>more information</SPAN> about this <SPAN id=IL_AD6 class=IL_AD>income opportunity</SPAN> contact us today.</P><BR>


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