Origional Dell XPS m1530 gaming laptop for sale

Price $48,000.00
Published 12-06-11


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<P><SPAN><STRONG>Dear Brothers,</STRONG></SPAN></P>
<H2><SPAN>i want to sale dell xps m1530 mint condition laptop <A class=wikilinks rel="nofollow" href="http://karachi.olx.com.pk/for-sale-cat-185"><FONT color=#505050>for sale</FONT></A> @ 48000/=. six months ago i bought this laptop from singapur in pakistani 85000/=rs. this is origional dell laptop and never open. working and performance is 100% ok. This is gaming laptop and i have played play station-3 games on this laptop. [prince of percia sand of time, Resident eveil 5 and many more etc. working perfectly on windows 7 ulitmate]. if any person wants to purchase this laptop then contact with me directly on 03328290343, 03002755369. specification are written below. only laptop bag and charger is available in accessories. Pictures and videos is origional.</SPAN></H2>
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<LI class=first><STRONG>Built-in Devices</STRONG> <SPAN>Wireless LAN antenna,<BR>Stereo speakers</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Embedded Security</STRONG> <SPAN>Fingerprint reader</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Width</STRONG> <SPAN>14.1 in</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Depth</STRONG> <SPAN>10.4 in</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Height</STRONG> <SPAN>1.4 in</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Weight</STRONG> <SPAN>5.7 lbs</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Color</STRONG> <SPAN>Tuxedo black</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Notebook type</STRONG> <SPAN>Gaming laptop,<BR>Thin-and-light (4-6 lbs.)</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Screen type</STRONG> <SPAN>Widescreen</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Wireless capabilities</STRONG> <SPAN>IEEE 802.11g,<BR>IEEE 802.11b</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Processor</STRONG> <SPAN>Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 / 2.20 GHz / 4MB cache</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Multi-Core Technology</STRONG> <SPAN>Core 2 Due </SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>64-bit Computing</STRONG> <SPAN>Yes</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Data Bus Speed</STRONG> <SPAN>800.0 MHz</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<H2><SPAN>Cache Memory</SPAN></H2>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Type</STRONG> <SPAN>L2 cache</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Installed Size</STRONG> 4<SPAN>.0 MB</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Installed Size</STRONG> <SPAN>4.0 GB / 4.0 GB (max)</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Technology</STRONG> <SPAN>DDR2 SDRAM - 667.0 MHz</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<H2><SPAN>Environmental Parameters</SPAN></H2>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Min Operating Temperature</STRONG> <SPAN>32.0 �F</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Max Operating Temperature</STRONG> <SPAN>95.0 �F</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Humidity Range Operating</STRONG> <SPAN>10 - 90%</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Shock Tolerance</STRONG> <SPAN>110.0 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (operating) / 163.0 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (non-operating)</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Vibration Tolerance</STRONG> <SPAN>0.66 g @ RMS (random) (operating)</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<H2><SPAN>Storage Controller</SPAN></H2>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Storage controller type</STRONG> <SPAN>Serial ATA</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<P class=first><STRONG>Hard Drive</STRONG> Western Digital <SPAN>250.0 GB - Serial ATA-150 - 5400.0 rpm</SPAN></P>
<H2><SPAN>Optical Storage</SPAN></H2>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Type</STRONG> <SPAN>Slot Load Blu -ray Disc (BD/<A class=wikilinks rel="nofollow" href="http://karachi.olx.com.pk/dvd-cat-238"><FONT color=#505050>DVD</FONT></A>/CD read/write) - Integrated</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<H2><SPAN>Card Reader</SPAN></H2>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Card reader type</STRONG> <SPAN>8 in 1 card reader</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Supported flash memory cards</STRONG> <SPAN>xD-Picture Card,<BR>SD Memory Card,<BR>Memory Stick PRO,<BR>Memory Stick,<BR>MultiMediaCard</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Display Type</STRONG> <SPAN>15.4 in TFT active matrix</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Max Resolution</STRONG> <SPAN>1280 x 800 ( WXGA )</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Widescreen Display</STRONG> <SPAN>Yes</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Graphics Processor / Vendor</STRONG> <SPAN>PCI Express x16 - 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Video Memory</STRONG> 256<SPAN>.0 MB</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Audio Output</STRONG> <SPAN>Sound card</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Audio Codec</STRONG> <SPAN>STAC9228</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Compliant Standards</STRONG> <SPAN>High Definition Audio</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Features</STRONG> <SPAN>High Definition Audio 2.0</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<H2><SPAN>Notebook Camera</SPAN></H2>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Camera Type</STRONG> <SPAN>Integrated</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Sensor Resolution</STRONG> <SPAN>2 Megapixel</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<H2><SPAN>Input Device(s)</SPAN></H2>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Input device type</STRONG> <SPAN>Keyboard,<BR>Touchpad</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Networking</STRONG> <SPAN>Network adapter</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Wireless LAN Supported</STRONG> <SPAN>Yes</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Wireless NIC</STRONG> <SPAN>Dell Wireless 1395</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Data Link Protocol</STRONG> <SPAN>IEEE 802.11g,<BR>Ethernet,<BR>Fast Ethernet,<BR>IEEE 802.11b</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Compliant Standards</STRONG> <SPAN>IEEE 802.11g,<BR>IEEE 802.11b</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<H2><SPAN>Expansion / Connectivity</SPAN></H2>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Expansion Slot(s)</STRONG> <SPAN>1.0 (total) / 1.0 (free) x Memory,<BR>2.0 ExpressCard/54</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Interfaces</STRONG> <SPAN>1.0 x Infrared - Input - IrDA,<BR>1.0 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire) - Line-out/headphones - Mini-phone 3.5 mm,<BR>1.0 x Audio - S-video output - 4 pin USB Type A,<BR>1.0 x Network - HDMI - 4 pin FireWire,<BR>1.0 x Display / video - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm,<BR>1.0 x Display / video - VGA - RJ-45,<BR>3.0 x Display / video - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15),<BR>1.0 x Hi-Speed USB - 7 pin mini-DIN,<BR>1.0 x Microphone - 19 pin HDMI Type A</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Power Device</STRONG> <SPAN>External</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Voltage Required</STRONG> <SPAN>AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )</SPAN> </LI></UL>
<LI class=first><STRONG>Technology</STRONG> <SPAN>6-cell Lithium Ion</SPAN> </LI>
<LI class=even><STRONG>Installed Qty</STRONG> <SPAN>1.0</SPAN> </LI>
<LI><STRONG>Capacity</STRONG> <SPAN>56.0 Wh</SPAN> <BR></LI></UL>


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