PCA- Microfermented Formula Provides Nutritional Support for Natural Toxin & Waste Elimination

Published 25-09-12


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Professional Appreciation<br><br>“My deepest appreciation to Maxam Nutraceutics for developing a line of products more effective than anything I have ever encountered during my 26 years of health-care practice. PCA provides unparalleled specificity at targeting cell sites. The road to health and wellness has been completely repaved.”<br><br>Dr. Maureen Coleman, BSN, RN, DC, ND, cAd<br><br><br>PCA is natural nano colloidal ionic fermentation of beneficial gut bacteria that have processed natural organic food concentrates like: glutathione, spirulina extract, chlorella extract and L. acidophilus and other toxin binding nutrients, which then become a natural, living part of the body's immunity to support our natural waste-processing systems.<br><br>PCA helps boost your immune function and helps increase your body’s natural ability to combat challenges.<br><br>Read why the Editor of Healthy Living chose<br>PCA as the Best Detox Formula of 2012.<br>http://www.greenpatriotism.com <br>http://www.greenpatriotism.com/?page_id=296 <br><br>Available Now at: www.maxamlabs.com<br>Call to order in the USA: 800-800-9119<br>International Orders call: +1-541-387-4500<br>


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